UCSB Library hang out

10 Dec

After more than four and a half hours of study session and ”intense” focus on how the ecological dimension of globalization is the most important one, I’m ready to bike home. I’m kind of tired of thinking about invasive species, how the earth tilts and about chemical compounds that I need to know for the finals in Environmental Studies. I’m also very tired about writing about food shortages, carrying capacity and that the consumption of meat not only contribute to global warming, but also contribute to the depletion of the rain forest and the increase of demand in Asian countries. Well well, there is another day tomorrow and by then I really have to get down with the Take-Home Exam, it is highly important. Luckily I’m off tomorrow and I do not have to go to school so I can study the whole day tomorrow. Yey, or something. I’m gonna hop on Black Widow now and get myself home for some quality time with John Blund. Peace out.



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