Best Chocolate Cake Ever

17 Nov

Yesterday was an amazing day.

The Sociology midterm (last midterm before finals!) went well and I scored 92% on my Environmental Midterm that I had last week. Future plans are planted and I just had an amazing feeling. The baking and the outcome was fantastical which gave my a food baby afterwards. I ‘m going to manipulate the recipe a bit before tomorrow, I already made some changes but i want to do some more further, so that it will taste even better!

I used this recipe,

(this is the same though but the previous recipe’s images was so much more delicious-looking)

With this mousse in between the layers,

and I used the recipe for the frosting (I kind of changed it by putting in cream cheese in it to) from the first recipe above.

In the making (Olof is helping out),

and here is the outcome:



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