Studies with Samuel Adams

11 Okt

The time is 21:28, U.S. time and I’m deep in my Global Studies-studies.

Terms like; Neo-liberalism, Economic Freedom, Protectionism, Comparative Advantage, Keynesianism, Deregulation, Financial Crisis, etc. is flowing in my mind and at the same time my mind is trying to digest the knowledge that I’m forcing into my head. Complicated process, yes.

While studying I’m listening to The Royal Concept and drinking Samuel Adams, Harvest Pumpkin Ale. I needed some motivation and reward for my all-day studies that I have been doing today.
This time I’m going to be all so prepared for the midterm on Monday.
But who in the seven seas puts a midterm on a Monday? Holy pumpkin, that is unmoral.

Anyhow, this time I will do better. Wish me luck.

Study Hard, Work Hard


Ett svar to “Studies with Samuel Adams”

  1. Mormor oktober 12, 2012 den 12:09 f m #

    självklart att du klarat det.


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