Labor Day activities

4 Sep

Today we celebrated Labor day. Labor day is an American federal holiday that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers.

We didn’t really celebrate Labor day today but we were oh so happy to have the day of.
We spent the day acting like Extreme Makeover Home (Garage) Edition, cleaning and decorated our garage with some furniture and our new bar, spraying a coffee table in the most awesome color orange and last of all putting up our fifth whiteboard over the bar area.
One funny thing is when we were looking at this house before vi signed the lease, we were looking through the house to see how it was and the room that me and Olof got most excited over was the garage, it had soo much potential to be transformed into something cool. And now, it is going to be.

Today’s workout consisted of 1 hour of running intervals, abs workout (P90X – ABripperX) and then recovery workout (Insanity – Cardio Recovery). It was great to do some workout after this weekend’s inefficiency. Not that I was ineffective in other things but I didn’t do good workout this weekend, it can not only be that I did other stuff and didn’t have time for working out but also that I was soar in my whole body and I couldn’t really work out properly.

This night we sat, for the first time, in our newly decorated lounge, with our bar which we named The Polar Bar, playing cards and drinking tea. We have made it really cozy and the best part is that we’re not finished yet, there is still things to purchase and things to be done.

Last night I bought this king size nacho plate from Free-birds which took me three meals to eat. Holy pumpkin, it was soo much food!

King Size Veggie Nacho Plate

I did try to do some homework done and succeeded a b little bit, read some sociology and then watched a video about how much the world is worth. I didn’t finish watching it though, I have to do it tomorrow because now it’s to late and I ‘m way to sleepy.



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